Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Sexual Offender Policy as required by Act 693 of the La. Legislature

Sex Offender Regulation/Policy


In accordance with its responsibility to set policy for the Vernon Parish Library, the Library Board of Control has adopted on this 31st day of October, 2012 the following policy for the purpose of:


  1. Compliance with the statutory mandates set forth in La. R.S. 14:91.2
  2. Protecting children from contact with persons who have been convicted of sex offenses where the victim was under 13 years of age.



I.    Effective January 1, 2013, persons who have been convicted of sex offenses where the victim was under the age of 13 (referred to as “sex offenders” for purposes of this policy/regulation) are restricted as follows:


A.      Sex Offenders are allowed to use the main branch (Leesville) library of the Vernon Parish Library. At these libraries, their access is restricted as follows:

1.   Children’s Areas – No sex offender shall be physically present in any area of the library designated as a “children’s area” or “young readers’ area”.

2.   Peak Children’s Hours – No sex offender shall be physically present on public library property during published Children’s programing.

3.   A schedule will be posted on-line and at the entrance (bulletin board in lobby) of the library facility.


B.      Libraries On/Within School Property, public parks and recreation facilities, day care centers   – According to R.S. 14:91.2C, sex offenders are not allowed on or within 1,000 feet of school property without the permission of school authorities or recreation facilities without the permission of recreation authorities.  The following libraries are on or within 1,000 feet of school property or recreational facility/public park:

1.      Dunbar Branch Library

1003 N. Gladys Street

Leesville, LA 71446

2.      Pitkin Branch Library

7277 Hwy. 463

      Pitkin, La. 70656

Sex offenders will only be allowed access to these libraries if they first obtain permission to be on school property.  If they obtain this permission, the same restrictions as in section A of the policy apply. 

Alternative channels of access to public library resources include:

1.      Access to the other branches as outlined above, and

2.      Allowing a surrogate to check out library materials from these branches on the sex offender’s library card.


C.      Loitering within 1,000 feet – No sex offender shall loiter within 1,000 feet of public       library property.


D.     Employment - No sex offender shall apply for, work for, or otherwise provide services to a library facility as an employee, contractor, sub-contractor, or volunteer.


II.  Exceptions to these restrictions are:


A.      Police station/courthouse/polling station – There shall be no violation of this regulation if the sex offender is reporting to a police station, courthouse, or polling station that is within the restricted area.


B.      With special permission – There shall be no violation of this regulation if the sex offender has requested and has been granted written permission to be physically present on public library property from the Library Director or his designee, and the sex offender complies with any special restrictions contained within said written permission. Said written permission must be presented to library representative on duty at time of entering library building.


III.        The Library Director shall be responsible for developing and implementing administrative and management procedures in furtherance of the policies stated herein.

A.      Configuration – To the extent possible, each library branch shall be arranged in a manner to ensure that areas devoted to children and young readers may be easily supervised by library staff, and such areas are segregated from other library resources and facilities.


B.      Notice – Implement procedures to ensure adequate public notice of each library branch’s times and dates of peak children’s hours and children’s programming. Adequate notice may include posting such information in a prominent location near the library’s entrance and on the library’s website.


C.      Surrogate – Implement procedures to allow sex offenders to authorize a surrogate to check out library materials using the sex offender’s library card. Procedures to obtain a library card via a surrogate may be granted by the Library Director.


D.     Enforcement – Implement procedures to update policies, where necessary, and enforce policies regarding unattended children.


IV.  The Library Director and members of the public are invited to make recommendations to the Library Board to improve this regulation or suggest state legislative changes that will allow public libraries to more effectively achieve the public purposes set forth herein. Those recommendations, along with any supporting documentation, should be submitted annually to the Library Board by or before Oct. 1 of said year. Such correspondence shall be sent:  Attention: Library Director.


Authority Note

Act 693 of the 2012 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature amended and re-enacted R.S. 14.91.2. The effective date of the Act is January 1, 2013.


New Databases available




Vernon Parish             residents now have access to three electronic resources made available through the State Library of Louisiana and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Vernon Parish Library announces that Mango Languages, McGraw-Hill AccessScience and TumbleBooks are now available to its patrons.

The State Library of Louisiana has added these services to the Louisiana Library Connection suite of statewide electronic resources.

Mango Languages offers more than 40 foreign languages to explore and more than 15 ESL courses taught in the patron’s native language. Patrons can learn anytime from home using free mobile apps or a computer and their library card.

Through TumbleBooks, Vernon Parish patrons have unlimited access to fiction and non-fiction e-books, read-along picture books, graphic novels, National Geographic videos and educational games. Books in French and Spanish, graphic novels and audio books are also available.

AccessScience is a web-based, fully searchable encyclopedia of science and technology that includes the full text and illustrations of the latest content of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Patrons can also access more than 7,100 articles, 115,000 dictionary terms and 1,300 research updates in all areas of science and technology.

The State Library of Louisiana provides services to all residents through their local public libraries and uses state and federal funds to provide statewide electronic resources.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. Their grants, policy development and research help communities and individuals thrive by providing broad public access to knowledge, cultural heritage and lifelong learning.

To learn more about IMLS, please visit

These are but a few of the many online databases and other online resources available to the citizens of Vernon Parish through the Vernon Parish Library. Some of these are OverDrive audiobooks, Lexis Nexis legal database, Homework Helper, Jobs, Government Documents and much more.

To find out more, please call the Library at 337-239-2027 or 800-737-2231.

New Fine Schedule beginning January 2, 2013

The Vernon Parish Library will increase daily fines for overdue items effective January 2, 2013.


All print items (books, magazines, vertical file, etc.) will be 25-cents per item per day overdue

Audio-Visuals (DVD=s Audio-Books, CD-ROMS, etc.) will be 50-cents per item per day overdue

Games will be $1.00 per item per day

ILL (Interlibrary Loan Materials) will be $1.00 per item per day overdue


Materials  may be renewed by phone or in person one time if the items are not on reserve for another patron. Books may be returned after-hours in our book dropbox.


This is the first increase in fines in many years.