Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tom Lenard Collection added to the Archives

The Tom Lenard Collection is the latest addition to the Library's Archives. This collection consists of a photo of Tom as a projectionist at the Pines Drive-In Theatre, Leesville, in the early 1960's, two adult tickets, and two Pines Drive-In and Vernon Theatres Teen Age Book ticket coupons. The dates of these is ca. 1960's.

Tom worked at both theatres after school while attending Leesville High School. He recently donated these items to the Library for its Archival collection of Leesville/Vernon Parish history.


Ed Blank said...

In addition to the Pines Drive-In and the Vernon Theatre in Leesville, can anyone tell me, please, the names of the two mother indoor theaters in Leesville? As I recall, there were two on the main street and one on a side street just around the corner. And which was which, please? Thank you. -- Ed Blank

Vernon Parish Library said...

The two downtown theaters were the Polk and The Vernon.

Anonymous said...

the lee theater was on lower third across from the fort polk bus station